Current holdings

  • AGN4.90%
  • HRB4.90%
  • MS4.90%
  • ORCL4.90%
  • VFC4.90%
  • DRI3.87%
  • NAVI3.65%
  • BAC3.45%
  • PYPL3.09%
  • CNC2.97%
  • DDD2.97%
  • FB2.97%
  • KO2.97%
  • SQ2.97%
  • UL2.97%
  • VZ2.97%
  • ZG2.97%
  • FDX2.85%
  • NKE2.57%
  • SBUX2.37%
  • CSCO2.33%
  • V2.33%
  • WFC2.29%
  • NFLX2.21%
  • MCD2.09%
  • MDLZ2.09%
  • AAPL1.97%
  • LMT1.97%
  • T1.97%
  • YUM1.97%
  • RAI1.93%
  • F1.77%
  • GOOG1.77%
  • JNJ1.77%
  • MSFT1.48%
  • Deletions GGP, AMZN, CMI, PG, BMY
  • Additions CNC, DDD, SQ, UL, ZG


  • Customer Cyclical 24.40%
  • Technology 21.40%
  • Financial Services 19.70%
  • Customer Defensive 10.00%
  • Healthcare 9.60%
  • Comm. Services 7.10%
  • Industrials 4.80%
  • Real Estate 3.00%
  • Energy –
  • Basic Materials –
  • Utilities –


The eligible universe of Index components includes all U.S.-listed stocks with an average daily volume greater than $15 million over the preceding 20 trading days. The top 35 stocks, ranked in order of percentage of net long votes(total long votes minus total short votes), are included on the Index. Weightings for each of the constituents is based on the constituent’s ranking in the monthly vote, with minimum and maximum weights of 1% and 4.9%, respectively.

The Index is rebalanced monthly. At each rebalance, the Index provider re-weights the constituents in accordance with the results of the monthly vote and replaces up to four constituents in accordance with a set of pre-determined rules. The turnover in the number of names may increase or decrease due to index methodology rules and corporate actions.

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